Yearly Archives: 2016

Wild bird seed mixes growing well.

Our wild bird seed mixes are growing well this year, a very mild autumn has helped. This mix was planted on the headland of a field of turnips/kale and forage rape that is for our lambs to eat later this year, just to give them a final finish. Benefiting productivity and the environment.

Weaning Time at Warren Farm

It’s the time of year when the lambs are weaned away from their mothers and moved on to fresh pastures. We’ve been busy the last few days and have now moved 650 lambs into this field. Only another 900 or so lambs to go….

New addition

We have just added some new features to our glamping site in the form of a tractor for children to play on.  It’s located within the glamping paddock and helps children to let their imaginations run wild. 

Silage time again

Despite the wet weather this summer, we’ve at last managed to cut some grass to make silage with. This is one of the ‘Big M’ mowers belonging to our contractor Dave Gibbons. Great team doing a great job.

It seems we had some new neighbours?

While checking one of our glamping tents, we discovered that we had some new guests staying with us.  She managed to successfully hatch and rear three chicks who have all flown the nest.

New additions to our tents.

A new addition to our tents has just been completed by the team from Featherdown. These canopies  help to protect the front of the tents and provide some shade when the sun is out. Glamping at Warren Farm just got a little bit better.

Lambing now under way at Warren Farm.

The last 700 ewes were brought back ready for lambing on Friday. Its easier just to walk them back along the road. Lambing is now well under way, with lots of lambs being born.  All our ewes lamb outdoors during the month of May.

First calf of the 2016 born here at Warren Farm

First calf of the 2016 born here at Warren Farm with mummy standing over her. Lovely Simmental cross heifer calf, which is confusing because the daddy should have been an Aberdeen Angus!! The rest of the herd should start calving on around the 19th March.

First calf of the 2016 born here at Warren Farm