The two wooden cabins are set apart from the main field where the tents are located. These incredibly well appointed cabins, with views down through the Cheddar Gorge are a touch of luxury while still ‘getting away from it all’. Each can sleep up to six adults in a double bed, bunk beds and two single beds found upstairs. There’s a kitchen including sink with running water, large dining table, chairs, sofa, deck chairs and log burning stove for cooking and heating. These cabins, like the tents are ‘off grid’ so no electric, all lighting is by candles and oil lamps (provided) and have all the external features found with the tents.

As four mums on a weekend away we really didn’t care where we were or what we had to do.....that all changed when we arrived at Warren Farm. Fabulous hospitality, facilities, beautiful surroundings and wonderful walks. We relaxed, relaxed and relaxed some more!

— Louise Lightwater, Surrey