Autumn is here.

Whist having a family walk we stopped for a while to take in the view, taking this photo.  It’s a more unusual view but it does remind us of just how beautiful a place we live in and how lucky and privileged we are to be involved here for a time. 

Space for nature and productive farming.

Here at Warren Farm, we like to try our best to not only produce good quality, wholesome, Red Tractor assured meat but also to benefit nature.  You’ll note from previous posts that we plant herb and leagume rich grass leys benefit pollinators and give us good quality silage.  But pictured below is one of our… Read more »

Rain at last

After a prolonged dry period we’re very glad to now have some rain. Grass growth was starting to be restricted which would have a knock on through the rest of the year. Now though the new grass leys and cereal crops have really come on in only a few days. Mildred the chicken isn’t quite… Read more »

Filming on the farm today

We had channel five news reporter Louise Beale and camera man Mark here to day doing a story on UK food self sufficiency. Really good to be talking food, farming and all the great things that farmers do for the country.

Always investing here on the farm.

We have just completed this new 400m fence line in one of our fields.  Dry stone walls used to form the field boundaries but it is simply uneconomical for us to rebuild a stone wall (typically £40pm, or £16,000 for this wall!). These fences can be put up quickly, are cost affective, last up to… Read more »

Wild bird seed mixes growing well.

Our wild bird seed mixes are growing well this year, a very mild autumn has helped. This mix was planted on the headland of a field of turnips/kale and forage rape that is for our lambs to eat later this year, just to give them a final finish. Benefiting productivity and the environment.

Weaning Time at Warren Farm

It’s the time of year when the lambs are weaned away from their mothers and moved on to fresh pastures. We’ve been busy the last few days and have now moved 650 lambs into this field. Only another 900 or so lambs to go….

New addition

We have just added some new features to our glamping site in the form of a tractor for children to play on.  It’s located within the glamping paddock and helps children to let their imaginations run wild.